1️Create A Data Stream

You can create the data stream via the Streamr Core (a UI to create data streams and data unions), creating a stream requires a small amount of MATIC on Polygon Network for gas. Once the stream has been created, you can use the Streamr Client to publish and subscribe to data flowing on the stream.

A data stream is a continuous flow of data coming from the client. Data buyers can subscribe and consume this data stream by paying the fee you set in the data union contract.

Why do I need a data stream?

This will be the gateway for the data. Your users publish their data into this stream via your application and data buyers can subscribe to the stream for the fee you set in the data union contract.


  1. Add some MATIC to your wallet (transaction fee will be very low)

  2. Open the Streamr Core and connect your wallet to generate an account

  3. Click the "create stream" at the top right corner and fill out the details

  4. Deploy the stream and pay the transaction fee (MATIC)

  5. It might need a few minutes until your stream shows up in your streams section

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