Data Union Observation

Observation functions for your data union are provided by the data union client.

You can get stats regarding your members and the earnings connected to your Data Union.

Get Data Union stats

const dataUnion = await DU.getDataUnion(

const stats = await dataUnion.getStats()

The returned stats object would look something like this:

    "activeMemberCount": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    "inactiveMemberCount": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    "joinPartAgentCount": BigNumber {_hex: '0x02', _isBigNumber: true}
    "lifetimeMemberEarnings": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    "totalAdminFees": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    "totalDataUnionFees": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    "totalEarnings": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    "totalRevenue": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    "totalWithdrawable": BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}

Other relevant query functions are:


// returns contract address of the data union


// Get data union admin fee fraction (between 0.0 and 1.0) that admin gets from each revenue event


    earningsBeforeLastJoin: BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    status: "ACTIVE"
    totalEarnings: BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}
    withdrawableEarnings: BigNumber {_hex: '0x00', _isBigNumber: true}




If you deployed with Streamr the Streamr Core app provides monitoring functions for Admins, showing subscriber numbers, total revenue, join requests and more.

Managing the Data Union

Data unions are listed along with the data products in Core > Products. Data unions are marked by a data union badge and a members badge showing the current amount of approved members. Click the tile menu to access the data union stats and manage members.

The stats view provides an overview of the data union as well as its members and subscribers over time. The members view allows you to manage manual member join requests (requests that did not contain a shared secret).

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