Existing Data Unions

The Data Union ecosystem

There are currently six Data Unions that leverage the Data Union framework. Three of which collectively raised $30m in funding. Those are Swash, DIMO, and Unbanx.

💻 Swash - a browser extension that monetizes browsing data.

Swash is a browser extension that lets you earn from your data as you surf the web.

  • launched in 2019 as the world's first Data Union

  • raised over $19m in funding

  • distributed over 1m of SWASH tokens to their members

  • crowdsourced over 100m data points via Streamr Network

  • issued over 300k transactions via Gnosis Chain

🚙 DIMO - an IoT device and app for smart cars that monetizes vehicle data.

DIMO is an IoT data union that rewards drivers for streaming their vehicle data while learning about the health of their car.

  • raised $9m in seed funding

🏦 Unbanx - a mobile app that monetizes banking data.

Unbanx is a consumer banking data union that rewards members for their banking data.

  • raised $1m in seed funding

Other Data Unions that use the Data Union framework are Re-Public, MAT, and Data Hive.

  • Re-Public built out an iOS and Android app that allows users to crowdsource their location data

  • MAT is the first ride-sharing app that allows its users to monetize their daily commute. To do so, the LATAM-based startup integrated the Data Union Framework and made the jump from Web2 to Web3.

  • Data Hive secured some funding and is in the early stage of building out its proof of concept.

Data Unions may differ from each other based on their membership model, use cases, revenue structure, or governance, but they also share some common components: a group of members contributing their data, an entity providing the application layer to manage the data, and a discovery mechanism, or marketplace for the data.

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